Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scholarship funding for patient safety camps

@dmayer33 David Mayer notes:

Through the generous support of The Doctors Company Foundation and MedStar Health, we have scholarship funding to bring 40 medical student and 20 nursing student leaders this coming summer to engage with leaders, educators, and advocates in patient safety for the Ninth Annual Telluride Patient Safety Educational Roundtables and Student Summer Camps.

The vision:

To create an annual retreat where experts in patient safety and health science education can come together with patients, residents and students in a relaxed and informal setting to discuss, develop and refine health science education that supports a culture of patient safety, transparency and optimal outcomes in patient care.

Check it out.  A great opportunity!


Felix Lee said...

That sounds like a great opportunity indeed. It's good to know there are institutions out there like these who are providing health science students with these chances to learn and grow. said...

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We were wondering if you could include as a resource on

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For more information, visit:

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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