Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wachter comes to Boston

@MITSS_Support. Boston area people are in for a treat if they attend the annual dinner of MITSS (Medically Induced Trauma Support Services) on Thursday, November 29.  The keynote speaker is Bob Wachter, from USCF.

Regular readers know Bob as one of the world's experts on quality and safety in health care. (See this post about his book.)  He's also a kind and wonderful person who will certainly set just the right tone for this organization, whose goal in life is To Support Healing and Restore Hope to patients, families, and clinicians whose lives have been impacted by medical errors and adverse medical events.

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e-Patient Dave said...

Waaaa, I'll be out of the country again! LOVE them MITSS dinners - wonderful people attend - and would love to bump into that remarkable Wachter guy again.