Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp

#TPSER9  I am very pleased to be attending and presenting at the ninth annual Patient Safety Summer Camp in Telluride, CO, organized by David Mayer and Tim McDonald (seen above).  Twenty-eight residents from around the country are here for the week under the following theme: “The Power of Change Agents: Teaching Caregivers Effective Communication Skills to Overcome the Multiple Barriers to Patient Safety and Transparency."

The learning objectives are that, by the end of the Patient Safety Summer Camp, residents will be able to:

1) Give an in-depth presentation that provides at least three reasons why open, honest and effective communication between caregivers and patients is critical to the patient safety movement and reducing risk in health care;

2) Utilize tools and strategies to lead change specific to reducing patient harm, and:

3) Implement, lead and successfully complete a Safety/QI project at their institution over the next twelve months.

This is jam-packed several days with lectures, videos, exercises, individual projects, team-building and the like.  If today's first day is any indication, this is a strong-willed and thoughtful cadre of residents who will make a difference in their hospitals and their profession.  It is an honor to spend time with them.

Dave posted this slide today as part of his introductory remarks.  It sets forth a key concept for the residents, that of mindfulness.  Take a look and see how Dave outlines its key attributes.  This is an excellent statement of purpose, one that can form the foundation for all clinicians to do better for their patients, their colleagues and for themselves.

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