Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The power of a second opinion

Here's a video that is worth watching.  It is about my friend Maria Bonyhay, who would likely be dead today if she had relied only on one doctor's opinion about her brain tumor.  (You may recall that I posted her story before, citing the Brain Tumor Foundation newsletter.)  I know things don't always change so dramatically with a second opinion, but it doesn't hurt to get another point of view.

Now here's one other thing. When I asked Maria's husband, Istvan (a neurologist), how they found Doctor Bruce, he said: "It is a long story, through multiple private connections. We hope that now it will be much easier for patients in similar situation to find Dr. Bruce, as he was who developed this surgical approach to remove tumors in the pineal region. Also, we hope that through Maria's example patients can make easier their best choice."

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