Thursday, December 12, 2013

Evans: Let's make our day harder

Check out this great animation from Mike Evans.


Anonymous said...

Love this animation! Another side effect of not moving has been observed by my gardener friends - people are now incredibly and sometimes absurdly divorced from their natural environment. (Absurdly because they have zero idea of how nature works or where their food comes from)

But I can offer one simple solution - get a large, playful dog.


Jack Bowhan said...

Great post. And support making our day harder, check out this article in the NYT, Exercise might be as effective as many frequently prescribed drugs in treating some of the leading killers, including heart disease and diabetes.

Anonymous said...

Good and entertaining post, but one huge factor is missing here. it's not just about physical activity. The other half (or significant portion) of this is the food supply. Ever read the side of a box of cereal, mix, or bag of food lately? There are so many chemicals going into our bodies at varying amounts and combinations that there is almost no way to know the effect. In addition to this we have genetically engineered foods, pesticides, and herbicides contaminating the supply. I exercise 5 times/week, eat right, keep my weight in line (6'2"; 167 lbs.) and by the time I was in my early 50s I'd had thyroid cancer, colitis, high blood pressure and Reynaud's Syndrome. Can I prove the root cause is in the food? No, but with all the variables in the food supply one can't help but wonder.