Friday, December 13, 2013

For students: Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps Applications for 2014

David Mayer has just posted a request for applications for medical and nursing students for the Telluride Patient Safety Camps for this coming summer.  Excerpt:

Through the generous support of The Doctor’s Company Foundation and MedStar Health, scholarships are now available for 40 medical and 20 nursing student leaders to engage in an immersive experience with leaders, educators, and advocates in patient safety at the 10th Annual Telluride, CO and Washington DC Patient Safety Educational Roundtable and Health Science Student Summer Camps. The student scholarships cover travel, lodging, meeting registration fees and many meals during the week.

Each of the Patient Safety Student Summer Camps are one-week, and offer an in-depth exploration of current patient safety issues and risk reduction strategies to achieve optimal patient care. Two, week-long student summer camps will be offered in 2014. Dates are:
  • Sunday June 15th – Wednesday June 18th, 2014 (to be held in Telluride, Colorado)
  • Tuesday July 29th – Friday August 1st, 2014 (to be held in Washington, D
The Telluride Roundtable Vision is to create an annual retreat where experts in patient safety come together with patients, residents and students in an informal setting to explore, develop and refine a culture of patient safety, transparency and optimal outcomes in patient care. The 2014 Patient Safety Summer Camps will again use an immersive, interactive format to examine ethical, professional, legal and economic issues around patient safety, transparency, disclosure, and open and honest communication skills when medical errors and adverse events occur.

To whet your appetite, watch this video of Ravi Grandhi, a third year medical student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. This talk was given at a session by Telluride Summer Camp alumni and faculty entitled "Student- annd Resident-Driven Patient Safety Programs" at the 2013 Institute for Healthcare Improvement Annual National Forum in Orlando, FL on December 11, 2013.


Linda Hunter said...

I attended last year as a PhD nursing student - and even though I have 30 years experience as a nurse - really enjoyed the sharing of ideas and meeting people new to health care and 'seasoned' in health care - we all learned something from each other.

Unknown said...

It is a shame that the program is limited to medical and nursing students. There is much to be desired of a roundtable or "camp" that brings together only two groups of people. As a clinical allied health professional (MRI Tech) who is getting an advanced education, I would love if the scholarship program was strengthened to include individuals from pharmacy, respiratory, lab, radiology and any other potentially high-risk patient related areas.

Jamie Roney said...

As a 2013 National Patient Safety alumna and scholar, please apply for this opportunity. In my cohort, we had a medical librarian and a pharmacist. Additionally, there was a scholarship for an international nurse to attend. It will be a great opportunity for anyone. I continue to reference lessons learned from my immersive and truly indescribable experience!