Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lean hits the soaps!

I now have total confidence that Lean process improvement has arrived for real and will soon be adopted in hospitals throughout the world.  The source of my confidence?

Watch this clip from this extremely popular, UK hospital-based soap opera, Holby City.  The new young protagonist, Raffaello “Raf” di Lucca, is a highly driven registrar who is also (tah dah!) a Lean process improvement adherent.

Hereford's Daniel Jones, founder and chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy--which is "dedicated to pushing forward the frontiers of Lean and to spreading Lean to every kind of organization"--is finally getting his way!

Watch this clip for proof! (You just need to watch less than a minute.)


Anonymous said...

It might all end in tears, but for the moment thank god he's a medic and not a management consultant ;-)

Bruce Gray.

John said...

That is fantastic. Lean goes mainstream. Another example, last fall, a drug ring operating between Ontario and Quebec was hard for the police to track down because they were using Just-in-Time methods and the inventory was always on the move instead of being stored somewhere in a large batch. The authorities had to bone up on JIT to crack the case.

@DanielJonesLean said...

From Twitter:

Good grief - I missed it! You never know where #lean seeds will sprout.