Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mayhew's "Wounded" as finalist for the Wellcome Book prize 2014

You no longer have to take just my word for it.  Now Emily Mayhew's book Wounded is on the short list for the Wellcome Book Prize for 2014.  For those not familiar with this prize, here's the description:

The Wellcome Book Prize is an annual award, open to new works of fiction or nonfiction. To be eligible for entry, a book should have a central theme that engages with some aspect of medicine, health or illness. This can cover many genres of writing – including crime, romance, popular science, sci fi and history.

At some point, medicine touches all our lives. Books that find stories in those brushes with medicine are ones that add new meaning to what it means to be human. The subjects these books grapple with might include birth and beginnings, illness and loss, pain, memory, and identity. In keeping with its vision and goals, the Wellcome Book Prize aims to excite public interest and encourage debate around these topics.

 Congratulations to Emily!

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