Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not at the beach

We have to award the best quote of the season to the Boston Globe's Shirley Leung:

You don’t have to go to the beach to look for flip-flops this summer. There’s a pair in the gubernatorial race.

She then tells the story of how two candidates changed their positions with regard to the Attorney General's deal with Partners Healthcare System.

For my part, I don't care if they changed their positions, as long as they have come to realize the flaws in the deal.

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nonlocal MD said...

What does Ms. Coakley mean when she says in the article:
“This agreement in no way forecloses future action,” she said in interview this week at a Roxbury campaign stop.

It's an agreement for 10 years in lieu of an antitrust action. If that doesn't foreclose future action, then what does?

It is becoming more and more clear here that the only way to control Partners will be an antitrust suit. It is a clearcut case but no one has the political will to take it on, perhaps due to Partners' habits of bullying and retaliation.

Like it or not, there is no easier way out of the deep, deep hole that MA's politicians have dug for its citizens.