Thursday, January 29, 2015

John Q. Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement

It's time again for the John Q. Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement.

This year’s award will be conferred by Standard Register Healthcare in partnership with the National Patient Safety Foundation’s (NPSF) Lucian Leape Institute at the 2015 NPSF Patient Safety Congress in Austin, Texas on April 30 and the award-winning program will be featured on

Last year the award was given to the Open Notes Collaborative and Dr. Nasia Safdar, hospital epidemiologist for the University of Wisconsin Hospital.
Who was Mr. Sherman?  Here's background:

Founder of Standard Register, John Q. Sherman was a leading philanthropist in Dayton, Ohio with a deep commitment to healthcare and his community. At the onset of the Great Depression in 1928, he led the campaign to raise over one million dollars in just 30 days to build Good Samaritan Hospital. He left a legacy that lives on today through the company’s support of Dayton’s Samaritan Homeless Clinic, in the launching of and now through the John Q. Sherman Award program.

This year's deadline is February 28. Here are the details.

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