Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sampson engages through Chop Chop

I love Sally Sampson's enthusiastic persistence with regard to teaching kids about tasty good food.  She has been publishing Chop Chop magazine for some time now, and each issue is a treasure of ideas and stories.  The magazine is widely endorsed by pediatricians and is distributed through children’s hospitals, health centers, public schools, afterschool programs, Indian reservations, and community organizations. ChopChop is also available at newsstands and by subscription.

Here's the latest set of blog posts. I like this one on knife skills, with this introduction:

Slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting: it’s hard to cook without using a knife to prepare the ingredients! Hard, but not impossible. A pizza cutter makes a perfectly excellent cutting tool for soft things that aren’t too big: bananas, for example, or tofu. And scissors are great for snipping up herbs and greens. But if an adult in your family thinks you’re ready and is willing to supervise you, it might be time to learn to use a sharp knife in a safe and responsible way. We got some tips from knife maker Adam Simha of MKS Design in Cambridge, MA.

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