Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beryl Institute surveys your experiences

The Beryl Institute are conducting their 3rd biennial survey on the topic of the “state of patient, resident and family experience in healthcare.”  They would love to spread the survey and get as much participation as possible from as many folks as possible – here’s the link.


Anonymous said...

The very first question indicates they're not serious about patient/family/... views. It asks "What kind of organization do you work in?"

So far as I know, I don't work in a patient organization.


Jason Wolf said...

TWL Thanks for your comment and thanks to you Paul for sharing this information. This has truly become a global exploration and appreciate your support.

To your comment TWL, thank you for this catch. In fact we are very serious about patient, resident, family and consumer views as it is an included respondent group, but you caught an incredibly important oversight in the question itself.

As we all continue to explore the best ways to ensure all voices are included in the healthcare conversation, I believe we will also continue to discover where our language should shift and have our individual and collective awareness raised. You helped here by sharing your observations and for that I say thanks. Please know we are working to address this to be more clear in our intent in the question and I invite you and others to please share your voice.

We ALL play a role in ensuring the best in healthcare experience - the safety, quality and service outcomes - for all engaged in healthcare systems around the world. Thanks for all you do.

With humble appreciation,

Jason Wolf
The Beryl Institute