Thursday, February 26, 2015

Now seeking national nominations for compassionate caregiver award

It's time for nominations for the Schwartz Center's National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year Award.  Note the new inclusion of "national" in the title, as the center spreads its wings and offers this opportunity to people throughout the country.

Here's the description:

The Schwartz Center National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year (NCCY) Award is a national recognition program that elevates excellence in compassionate healthcare. Every year since 1999, the Schwartz Center has honored outstanding healthcare providers, who display extraordinary devotion and compassion in caring for patients and families.

This year’s expansion of the award coincides with the Schwartz Center’s 20th anniversary. Our two decades of growth and momentum has enabled us to expand our compassionate care community and grow the national movement to support and value compassion in healthcare.

The deadline for nominations is May 1.

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Anonymous said...

Paul, thanks for this. I can think of several of my doctors that I want to nominate for this. If you find any others that do this, please post them. I want those who work hard in the trenches to get noticed.