Friday, December 08, 2006

All are above average

BIDMC doctors and nurses help women deliver 5000 babies per year. I like to joke with parents that all of our babies are above average and that we offer an SAT guarantee: If the kid's college entrance exam score is below average, the parents should find me for a complete refund.

The Globe reported, though, on a particular case that made even us take notice. I have total confidence that this girl will be at the top of her class!


Bwana said...

I can't wait to meet Israel Deacon.

beth said...

I am (I think?) the FIRST of the legion of "Beth Israels"...I married into this name in 1971.
A few years ago, I hit my head at a black tie party and was taken by my husband to the BI emergency room. There they asked my name and, when I responded, "Beth Israel" they said, "we realize that you've hit your head, but we really need to know YOUR name--"..need I continue???? After several tries, they finally realized that this was my real name and took me in for treatment.

Anonymous said...


Patient Dave said...

Well, y'all have an unfair advantage in this game. It's like REALLY unlikely that somebody will name their kid Mount Auburn or Mass General.

Go for it, I say.

Jerry said...

I was just telling my coworker the other day that in 4th grade I had a teacher by the name of Beth Weiner. Later in that school year she married a man with the last name of Israel. What made this funny was that my grandmother and my mother both worked here at the time. So I had a grandmother and a mother who worked at beth Israel and a teacher named Beth Israel.
Now I read your blog today and see an entry about a woman by the name of Beth Israel who just had her baby here.
I decide to read the comments and I saw an entry by Beth who states she was "the FIRST of the legion of "Beth Israels"...I married into this name in 1971." Wouldn't it be too funny if she was my 4th grade teacher? I believe I was in fourth grade in 1971 at the Herbert Hoover School in Melrose.

Anonymous said...

Wait, the initial story was wrong. The mother is Beth, not the baby. For a nice picture of her and him go to: .

jessica lipnack said...

Jerry, amazing if the same Beth. Time to start a society of Beth Israels for Beth Israel. I'm a shirt-tail relative of the most remote sort--only BI claim is that my brother was born at BI in NY--lame. I belong to a different network, Jessicas with daughters named Miranda, who, in my case, is the best-friend-since-birth of Samara Shapiro, daughter-in-law of the BI who might have been your teacher here.

And, Paul, glad to see fact-checking dept at work.

beth said...

Yes, I was a teacher at the Herbert Hoover School in Melrose and my maiden name was Beth Winer!!!! What's your last name???

Jerry said...

Hi Beth!
Isn't this a small world? Its not often one runs into their grade school teacher some 30+ years later through a blog from their place of employment.
My last name is Amirault. I just shared this with my mother who told me that on St Patrick's Day she brought you green bagels from the Beth Israel cafeteria.
Are you still teaching? If my memory serves me correctly, you left after that school year. Anyway, I hope all is well with you. I would love to hear back from you.
Happy Chanukah

beth said...

Hi Jerry!
I certainly do remember you!!!! What a great surprise! No, I stopped teaching when my first son was born in 1974 and changed careers after my second son arrived. (I"ve been an interior designer for 25 years.) I DO remember those green bagels-
What is your position at "my hospital"??