Monday, June 02, 2008

SPIRIT video

Here is a short video about a potential patient safety problem with code carts that was called out by a nurse as part of BIDMC SPIRIT and how it was handled. It will give you a sense of the steps involved. Worth watching all the way to the end. And a clear contrast with the definition below!


Anonymous said...

Paul, this is a superb way of demonstrating how SPIRIT works. Anticipatory interventions reduce near misses and actual events of harm, and strengthen the safety and quality awareness of staff. Please share more examples in the future.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is very impressive. I didn't get the part where the carts were going to be changed anyway as part of a roll-out of something, but to make the decision anyway, and then execute it THE SAME DAY, is unprecedented in my experience. I'm curious, how did the video come about?

nonlocal MD

Anonymous said...

ESPN contacted us.


No, really. We have some very good in-house videographers.

e-Patient Dave said...

Thanks, too, for the public tip-off to all the other BIDMC videos already there!

Anonymous said...

I was a primary care nurse at BI in 1980; under Joyce Clifford, I trained with the best. I'm now in clinical trials research. Atul Gawande(checklist advocate)is currently my hero. But no offense, you are a close second! I'm happy to see (in this video) that you are continuing fine work that I recall being a part of.
Cheers, Maureen Finegan

Anonymous said...

Actually, I meant how did the idea for the video of this particular callout come up; not how did you make the video. It's a good teaching tool for front line staff to realize it can make a direct difference to them.

nonlocal MD

Anjali said...

nonlocal MD:
This call-out was chosen as one of a handful to be highlighted in a monthly bulletin to all employees, for the obvious reasons: it demonstrates the power of calling out a problem, collaborative action, swift implementation of a plan, and superb attention to patient care. We (the SPIRIT team) write up one example per week which is sent out via email to all employees, but we wanted to jazz up the presentation a bit, and figured a video might be fun to watch, and get the message across even more strongly. Some call outs naturally lend themselves more to interesting video than others. We're currently working on the next batch. Stay tuned!

Marie said...

Paul, this video is a valuable example for those of us trying to visualize the SPIRIT process. Thank you. The post mentions going to the portal to see other videos. Would you be willing to make those also available via the blog?