Sunday, December 02, 2007

Darn, too late to vote for Pier Paolo!

Our own Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, a world expert in cancer research, was nominated for the Italian periodical Home Men's Health Man of 2008 competition. His rivals included model David Gandy, "surfista" Ryan Heavyside, basketball player Danillo Gallinari, Olympian Andrew Howe Besozzi (shown here) -- and other hulks. As well as assorted folks from other fields.

Unfortunately, I received word of this too late to vote -- and, more importantly, too late to ask all of you to vote also and create a landslide.

Please note that the periodical's subtitle is "il piacere di essere uomo", which Alta Vista translates as "the pleasure of being a man." I have not asked Pier Paolo if that is his personal motto, but we have nonetheless inscribed it over the door of his laboratory, as our belated tribute to his being nominated. Congratulazioni!

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