Monday, December 31, 2007

Windows of Hope

Windows of Hope is our oncology shop, located on the ninth floor of the Shapiro clinical center -- at the corner of Longwood and Brookline Avenues -- near the chemotherapy and other treatment areas. In addition to selling wigs, scarves, book, and other helpful items, it has become a place where cancer patients and families come and talk comfortably and share advice and stories about what they are going through. Linda and Terri, who run the shop, are warm and friendly people. You don't have to be a patient at our hospital to go there. All are welcome. Samples of their wares are in the pictures above.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul,
It seems your kind words and photos have perfectly captured "Windows of Hope". We have also been called "Boston's best kept secret for fabulous hats, scarves and gifts". We are proud to be a part of BIDMC and to be here for clients and their families is truly a pleasure.
Linda Myers
Windows of hope

Anonymous said...

It's a great place because of the staff and volunteers -- they make it wonderful. And also because it's right on the 9th floor where cancer patients are treated!

e-Patient Dave said...

You're absolutely right. Wonderful little hole-in-the-wall shop, with wonderful people.

Do they have a web site for ordering online, when not in town? If not, they should! I especially love seeing Monique's "Courage Muscle" book prominently displayed.

Anonymous said...

A website is in the works right now. Please call us at 617 667 1899 and we will bring you up to date with our merchandise and ship upon your request.
Linda Myers