Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Just to take a break from this current addiction, I'm taking several days off from posting new items (although I will still moderate your comments), and so I wanted to leave you with this nice image at the top of my page. One of our nurse managers insisted that she did not want presents from her staff. They, being the usual strong-minded nurses at BIDMC, nonetheless insisted, but gave a gift in the form of this Christmas tree. Each "mitten" is a warm and kind personal message from a nurse to Sue.


Anonymous said...

Susan is a gem! She is such a well loved manager!
Always has been!
We couldn't ask for more!
I hope her Christmas with her family is the best!

RalfLippold said...

Hi Paul,

in a lean fashion I would like to use my comment to get in contact with your ideas about running a service institutioin as BIDMC in Boston.

It's been a pleasure listening to you video lecture at MIT recently. It shows that "Lean Thinking" can be applied everywhere as well in a production facilitiy as in a hospital.

It is always about customers that have to be served which is the DRIVER to improve things (conditions, processes, etc.).

I am especially curious, as I moderate a discussion group at a German business network similar to LinkedIn on the "Lean Thinking" topic. Lean Healthcare is not yet a main field in the discussions but I would like to change that. The group can be found at and I would be happy to discuss the topic further (

Best regards and a Happy Xmas and a good start into 2008:-)


Dr. A said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...



Chris said...


That was great to share such a sweet idea! It's good when the workplace is personal enough that people appreciate each other!

Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the ideas, insights, provocations, and compassion you have shared this year.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...