Tuesday, September 09, 2008

456 sell-outs at Fenway Park

This really cute kid just above is Kevin Pierro, a 5 year-old Red Sox fan from Norfolk, MA who was born at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on May 15, 2003. The significance of that day is that it was when the record Red Sox 456 sold-out game streak began. Kevin was invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at last night's game.

The four other kids shown above Kevin were also born that day at BIDMC and are shown ready to yell "Play ball!" at the start of the game. From the left, they are
Christian Trodden, Teddy English, Michael Gunning, and Abigail Weiss. (The photos were taken by Will Nunnally from the Red Sox.)

May I point out, too, that BIDMC became the official hospital of the Red Sox in April, 2003. Query to John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino (shown above): Any connection?


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You resisted pointing out that

1) The only two world championships since 1918 have occurred since BIDMC became the official hospital (although I’m sure that you’ve done this in other forums), and

2) Kevin almost ended Mike Timlin’s season (if not career or life) as Timlin narrowly avoided running into Big Papi to catch Kevin’s pitch.

Anonymous said...

This was such a highlight for our family...and Kevin will never forget this.

I would like to point out that sometimes Kevin's split finger fastball is really a curve ball.

Go Red Sox!!!

Anonymous said...

The second one's Pedroia, right?

Scott Crisp said...

Pretty impressive. Sadly, I doubt my Rangers have ever sold out four in a row.

Jared At The Doctor Job said...

That Pedroia joke was pretty great. I'm still in shock that the little man might be MVP this year!

Anonymous said...

And well deserved if he is.