Saturday, September 20, 2008


From Kevin, MD, you HAVE TO listen to and watch this.


e-Patient Dave said...

Thank you SO much (I think) for emailing that to me.

Even better, imo, is the one I grabbed for my site.

And in fairness, here's their site.

Medical Quack said...

They are funny, I posted about them a while back and they have another one, "waking up is hard to do" that is equally as good if not funnier. The group actually has a website and gives the history too on how they got started along with a couple You Tube live performances too.

In healthcare today we need the humor, thus I figured I needed a funny section:)

Medical Quack said...

One more worth a few laughs and it hung around a few blogs for a while and made it to Reuters as well, Weird Al, Like a surgeon, who may get elected as a Senator?

It may be gone from Reuters as they run some of my posts for a couple weeks, but they left off the best part, the video:)

I also have a few classics out of Harvard on the Need a Laugh section too.

Anonymous said...

We didn't think that this was funny although some may.

AsTiMa said...

THAT was funny! It was a perfect way to end a long day of call! Thanks for posting that.

iKEANE said...


Thanks for the laugh.