Monday, September 22, 2008

Heartfelt feelings

(Printed with the patient's permission.) My friend Bob Kavanagh recently visited our hospital for heart surgery. Upon arriving home, he gleefully sent an excerpt from his medical record (contained on this memory stick) to his colleagues at work and his family:

Later that day he was weaned from sedation and awoke neurologically intact...

You can see Bob here holding his cough pillow. When asked if he wanted his picture on this blog, he replied, "That is certainly all right with me. That is a NY Yankees jacket I have on...."


PJ Geraghty said...

How "neurologically intact" can he be if he's now a Yankees fan? And if that was a pre-existing question, it calls into question his neurological baseline.


Seriously, though, glad he's doing well, and thanks for the re-linking about the memory stick. That's an excellent idea, one that I wish more places could figure out how to implement.

Anonymous said...

No comment on the first point. After all, he is a friend. It is not that he is "now" a Yankees fan. He has been one all his life.

On the second, it's not that hard -- essentially just a picture of the medical record.

Anonymous said...


I agree that the heart flash drive is a marvelous idea. It actually contains more than 'essentially just a picture of the medical record'.

There are jpgs which are pictures but also documents which can be opened as word processor files. I was also pleased that the flash drive is cross-platform. That is, it can be read by both Mac and Windows computers