Sunday, January 18, 2009


And here's a tree and fruit called jambu, in Sri Lanka. A very pretty tree. the fruit has a texture almost like an apple or pear, with a slight flavor of pear with something else mixed in. Those who have tried it can offer their opinion.


John said...

The genus for jambu is Syzygium, comprising of 1100 species. My country Malaysia houses the highest number of species in the world, where many are still very poorly known and have not been described taxonomically.

I don't think the taste and texture is like apple or pear. It's just very unique. Apple is more "packed", while pear is more "grainy". Jambu is more "hollow" or "not-so-packed" than apple, and definitely not "grainy" at all.

Certified Jambu Lover

Alan said...

Yes...across the many Asian countries you can find this fruit in many different varieties.Southern parts of India too host different types.