Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not the Staten Island Ferry

I have had requests for more details about the Mumbai-Goa charity bike ride I joined a few weeks ago. In particular, people want to know about the ferry rides. Folks from the ride have now posted lots of their photos on Facebook, and I have borrowed a compendium to share with you.

The one that might need some explanation is the huge ore loader, one of several parked in parallel on one side of an inlet. We walked our bikes across the first few, and loaded ourselves on the bow of the one furthest into the inlet. (If you click on the aerial view of the ore loaders, you can see us grouped on the bow.) The "ferry" service provided was when the pilot gunned his engine, turned the boat sideways across the inlet and ran aground on the other side, whence we could climb down on the opposite beach. He then had to wait till the tide came back in to pull off the sand bar and return his ship to the other side.


Unknown said...

Hi Paul: Bike4LIfe was fantastic. I can't wait for the next announcement from FOCUS to go on their next adventure trip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for compiling these ferry photos...brought back some wonderful memories!...Sadru

Asifaly said...

Great post idea and topical use of photos. Glad that some of mine could come in handy