Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mutt be true

A message I just received:

Good morning!

Two weeks ago, tomorrow, Sunday, my sweet little mutt bit me on the chin as I tried to pick him up to put him in my friend's truck cab after a lovely walk in the Maine woods. I thought nothing of it, as the same thing happened several years ago after he had surgery and I was lifting him into my car. He is a rescue dog, and I think young children picked him up as a pup and teased him, and the flashback is not pleasant.

In any event, I thought nothing of it, as the first time there were no repercussions. Not so this time! By Monday evening at 9:30PM, I had a 103 fever and swelling in my face such that my right eye was virtually closed. "Get thee to the BI emergency ward," says my primary care physician, and so I did, arriving about 10:15PM, with a temperature of 105 and a closed right eye.

The care was superb, in the ER, and on the bariatric and pancreatic surgery floor, kind, professional, sometimes funny, always serious of purpose. I was there for two and one half days, as the intravenous drip did its thing. Congratulations on a sensational staff and a fine operation. BIDMC is the BEST! And I am your most earnest advocate!

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dethmama said...

OMG... you indeed got the best attention and the outcome was thankfully, fantastic.

BTW... are only Boston dogs venomous or should I be worried? ;)