Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog from Children's Hospital Boston

My friend Jim Mandell, CEO of Children's Hospital Boston, sends me notice of a new blog:

Last week, Children's Hospital Boston launched the first health and science blog from a pediatric hospital in the country. Called Thrive, it will cover breaking pediatric news at Children’s, as well as commentary about issues or new treatments in pediatric care that would benefit from our expert opinion.

Blog entries include a link to an interview with Children’s pediatrician Judy Palfrey, MD, the president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics, about how health reform might impact children. Last week, there were entries on our autism research and the NIH’s new stem cell guidelines, a wonderful posting from a parent whose child benefited from treatment for a rare disorder and a commentary from David Ludwig, MD, PhD, director of Children's Optimal Weight for Life Program, about how federal stimulus funding could be used to improve the health of all Americans.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The article on a urine biomarker for pediatric appendicitis was worth the look all by itself! Thanks!


Ray Brown Scholar said...

Thanks! I have added this blog to my favorites list.

Anonymous said...

Self-aggrandizing and boring! I can read the news or PubMed or their regular website for all the research projects they've done. Don't need or want the invasion of web 2.0 by the same-old corporate interests and blather.

Now, if they would take a similar transparent approach and blunt honesty to the workings of Children's Hospital Boston, it could be really nice to have a pediatric counterpart to "Running A Hospital"

Alexa said...

To the anonymous commenter who writes, "Self-aggrandizing and boring!"...

Having worked with the Children's Hospital Boston Public Affairs team, I can tell you that there's a significant amount of thought that goes into this endeavor, and one that I believe most readers take for granted. For any traditional organization, particularly in the healthcare space, starting a blog is *scary*, especially with the amount of legal caution involved. Sure you can read about some of the articles in the news or PubMed, but do those publications actually solicit comments or feedback? No, hence the need for a Web 2.0 format.

You can call it an invasion, but I choose to see it as change.

National Van said...

The new blog seems very uplifting and witty. Should go over well in the blogging community.