Friday, July 17, 2009

Genders' discrimination

An email recently arrived from Europe, with two descriptions of the same three weeks of travel. The contrast would make Deborah Tannen's mouth water.


Paris: croissants
Marseille: bouillabaisse
Nice: pan bagnats
Cinque Terre: pesto, anchovies, focaccia
Venice: marinated octopus
Florence: gelato, gelato, gelato, gelato, gelato

Oh yeah, saw some cool stuff, too.

Sending lots of love.


Paris: Bike Velib: 20,000 bikes for public use. A shame American credit cards don't work in the system...
Marseille: Chateau D'If, and hidden beach on the next island
Nice: Tour De France!
Cinque Terre: 4 towns hiked in 3 hours.
Venice: Watching the kayakers make a stand against a city dominated by motorboats.
Florence: Da Vinci Museum with full scale replicas of his work.


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e-Patient Dave said...

I must say, this is FAR more polite than I imagined.

btw, now that I'm a duly helmeted frequent bicyclist, I have to say I love the idea of a public bicycle "utility." How civilized!