Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sox show their heart again

A note from Lissa Kapust, one of our social workers who helps out patients with ALS ("Lou Gehrig's Disease"). On July 4, the Red Sox joined with other Major League Baseball teams to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech. The team's management offered us one of their corporate suites for ALS patients and family members.

I wanted to let you know that the day at Fenway was magical. We filled the Red Sox Executive Box with 25 smiling patients, family members and ALS staff. The day went flawlessly; even sunny skies. The Sox loss was unfortunate, but put no damper on a fabulous day.

Some of our patients made it down to the field as Shilling read the Lou Gehrig "luckiest man alive speech". One patient was given a signed bat from a Sox player (Lugo) which he clung to throughout the game, sitting in his wheelchair, grinning from ear to ear. We had a visit from Sox management, including staff coming by with World Series trophies for our gang to pose with for Kodak moments. Wally [the team mascot] came by for photo ops and hugs. Kait Desmarais [the suite manager] and the food manager came by (and stayed for some time) to take it all in and to be sure there were no problems. The food selections were perfect with special help from the chef who prepared food that would be appropriate for the chewing/swallowing problems for some of the patients.

At the end of the game came a surprise. I went to pay for the food and was told that the Red Sox had picked up the entire tab. I tried to tip the Box attendant, and he refused.

Then the hugs and goodbyes to patients who talked about that we might be able to come back to Fenway again. Pretty hopeful for patients living with ALS.


Rays/Red Sox Fan said...

God Bless the entire Red Sox organization. You are awesome!

pam said...

It must feel wonderful to be able to make so many patients happy while struggling so.

Another happy Red Sox fan, thanks to you, was my son when I was able to get tickets to Tuesday night's game for him and his father. Grins ear to ear. :)

Anonymous said...

nice. it's when kindness is quiet that it is so amazing.

tom garry jr said...

Thank you very much goes out to the BI & the Red Sox as my Mom (Claire Garry) really enjoyed the game. She, her daughter Eileen and her grandson Anthony were very impressed with getting to see and take pics with the 2 World Series Trophies. Sincerely, Thomas Garry Jr. San Jose, CA