Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Helen

During my tenure here, I have always been able to count on Helen Fuller, RN, to send me emails when she saw things that were awry or could be done better -- either for patients or members of the staff. For example, she pointed out a need for an automatic door between two of our buildings because the ramp connecting them was making it difficult for patients in wheelchairs to open the connecting door. (We installed the door.) She also noticed that we were having fewer town meetings than we should to keep nurses informed. (We scheduled more sessions.) She was inevitably on target, the ultimate "caller-outer" who made life better for all.

Here is a note recently sent by Helen to our chief nursing officer that codifies her view of the world. We are so lucky to be in a place with people like her!

Dear Marsha,

I am about to retire. My last day is July 30. I will have missed 54 years by one month, and I must say the last ten years have been my best.

I have done many aspects of nursing and enjoyed every minute. I can never remember thinking "Why am I a nurse?" I always knew why. I was always proud of what I did, I always felt I was contributing to the well being of others, both staff and patients. I learned a long time ago that people respond to you as you respond to them.

I must say, you as administrators should be so proud of your staff. They are the greatest. It is truly a family. I was privileged to have had a party given in my honor last evening and as I looked around, I couldn't help but think, I am going to miss these friends. I am going to miss what they have given me through the years.

People look at retirement as a time to go off, enjoy and have fun. Oh, I will do that, but my heart will always be with the Case Management Department, the Farr 6 CIVCU staff, and with the folks I met in the corridors of BIDMC.

I will always cherish the 10 years I spent here and the people I have met. No one can match their wisdom, their ability to care for others and their fun loving ways. This includes all departments, from housekeeping to administration.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Helen Fuller, RN, case management.

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Lauren said...

Hi Paul,
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