Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting ready for soccer at Fenway

I just had a chance to watch the initial stages of a unique Fenway Park makeover. The baseball field has to be rebuilt as a soccer pitch. Why? This Wednesday, July 21, at 8pm at "America's Favorite Ballpark," perennial Scottish Premier League contender Celtic Football Club will take on the storied Portuguese futebol club Sporting Clube de Portugal.

This is a good remedy for those of us suffering World Cup withdrawal. I also have a feeling that, for the huge Portuguese speaking constituency in New England, this will be the place to be on Wednesday night.

And for Scots who are Rangers fans? A great opportunity to root against an old rival.

How do you transform a baseball diamond into a soccer pitch? Here are some of the scenes from shortly after the crowd left the ballpark at the end of the fourth Sox-Rangers game.

In this video, you see only the early stages of the transformation. The man in charge of the conversion, Dave Mellor, Director of Groundskeeping, reminds us that attention to detail is the key. The pitching mound is removed and carted away. Bases and base mountings are likewise removed. All surfaces are flattened to a high tolerance. Later, new grass will be laid down to fill in the infield and other dirt surfaces. Lines will be painted. Goals will be erected and corner flags will be placed.

If you cannot see the video, click here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting; just tonight I heard an ad for a July soccer game at Baltimore Ravens stadium between
Manchester City Football Club and Internazionale Milano, commonly known as Inter Milan. It appears everyone is capitalizing on the popular World Cup.
I imagine it would be a lot easier to convert a football field....


Soccer Wallpaper said...

Great make over, your country soon will be among best soccer national teams :)