Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A soccer field emerges at Fenway Park

I dropped by Fenway Park today to get an update on the preparations for tomorrow night's soccer match between Celtic and Sporting.

In the video below, the penalty box and goal box have been painted, and the end line and touch line were in progress. Dave Mellor, Director of Groundskeeping, gave me permission to walk on the grass to provide you the panorama of the view from the middle of the field. Eat your heart out, Jimmy Fallon! ("How did the grass feel? Kinda spongy?")

If you cannot see the video, click here.

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Morag said...

Hi Paul!

Morag here over in Communications. I have seen that you are following the transformation of Fenway Park into a soccer stadium on your blog. My father is from the Isle of Barra in Scotland and he, his brother, my mom and I are all going tomorrow night. We are actually sitting in the Portugal side because Clan MacLachlan are Rangers fans, Celtics archrival! My dad has even told me we can't wear our Rangers T-shirts tomorrow because he is scared a Celtic fan will see us in them and get violent. Yikes! Should be fun though!

Morag :)