Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Jubilee Project helps on Hep B

Here's the latest video from the Jubilee Project. As always, when you view it, a donation will be made to a charity. Co-founder Eric Lu sent me a message and press release:

We are happy to announce that The Jubilee Project has released its first music video, "Why I Sing," by Rooftop Pursuit. This video is used to help raise awareness and funds for Hep B Free, an organization dedicated to tackling the problems of hepatitis B. Every view raises 2 cents for Hep B Free, and anyone can choose to become a sponsor by pledging to donate a penny per view. Sponsors may also set a cap if they'd like.

Over half of those infected with chronic hepatitis B in the US are Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and one in ten Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have the disease. It is the only disease where you will find such a huge racial disparity.

"We wanted to be involved in raising awareness for hepatitis B because of the prominence of the disease in the API community and among our own friends and families," said Eddie Lee, co-founder of The Jubilee Project. "We have to end hepatitis B transmission today, and the first step is awareness."

Also known as the "Silent Killer," Hep B currently affects 1 in 10 Asian Pacific Islanders, compared to 1 in 1,000 of the general public, and is the primary cause of liver cancer. Despite this, Hep B can be prevented with by vaccine, and treatments prevent liver cancer.

The Jubilee Project is also seeking sponsors to support this effort. Sponsors offer one penny per view, but can cap how much they ultimately choose to donate, as low as $50.

Funds will be used for national Hep B Free efforts to end Hep B and liver cancer including public awareness, clinician education, screening, vaccination and linkage to care.

"Hep B Free has a multi platform approach to outreach," says Hep B Free co-founder Ted Fang, director of the AsianWeek Foundation. "Not only are we on the ground with person to person connections, but we are also spreading the word and raising money using social media, events, partnerships, foundations and business partners."

For more information about the collaboration, or to pledge as a sponsor, contact Eric Lu at (469) 688-0988 or email to Eric_Lu [at] hms [dot] harvard [dot] edu.

Click here if you cannot see the video.

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Patricia said...

Man, what a cool project. I just went to their youtube and watched "Love Letters", it made me cry.

Um, other than that, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a guest post. Drop me an e-mail. Thanks!