Thursday, April 21, 2011

One view of patient-driven care

Not what I had in mind, exactly.


e-Patient Dave said...

Amusing that this is a much-tweeted post / pic, but with no comments in three days!

I'll stick my neck out and get geeky, to make this a teachable: more specifically this is not the broad "patient driven care," it's shared decision making.

Except the cartoon doesn't depict the doc & nurse presenting the pro's and cons of the options, nor noting that "watchful waiting" is probably not gonna work out well ... but it's still his call. :)

(Can you tell what I've been obsessed with for the past few months??)

TF said...

I agree with e-patient Dave. For example, I had a vasectomy and was never told about the eventual consequence I developed by the urologist, that being "post vasectomy pain syndrome". Now my life is turned upside down. I have begun a blog about this little publicized side effect to what is normally considered a safe procedure.

I would like to get the word out re: this. Currently, it strikes anywhere from 5-15% of all men who undergoe a vasectomy, yet the side effects are rarely discussed prior to the procedure.

Would you be interested in adding by blog to your patient centered blog links? My goal is to get the word out and with your readership, you could help immensely.

My blog is more of a daily journal about what I go through, but it also strives to inform and educate anyone who stops by.

Thanks in advance.