Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Patients know what patients want to know

ePatient Dave offered this marvelous talk at TEDx Maastricht. The whole thing is worth watching, but you can see the highlights starting at minute 13:08.

Are you watching, JAMA?

If you cannot see the video, click here.


Anonymous said...

Dave, you are truly a force of nature! What a great talk - and the rap should remain part of it forever!!


RalfLippold said...

Hilarious - and informative! I have to look deeper in ePatient Dave's work as mobile computing is becoming more and more relevant. Mid May in Dresden, form of a barcamp, http://www.scribd.com/doc/52247390/2011-04-04-MobileCamp

e-Patient Dave said...

MAN was that a wild experience. The TEDx format is really demanding, and as the day went along, I saw that the talk I'd prepared was just not going to work. So in the two hours before I went on, I did it over.

Something hugely important happened at this event, btw: actual patients (!) were a primary force among the presenters. I encourage people to watch all the videos. (More are being posted daily.)

THIS is the future of healthcare - STARTING with patients, their problems, their aspirations - and their desire to help. That's why I ended my talk with the chant: Let Patients Help! Let Patients Help!

nasov said...


Unknown said...

Fantastic! So inspiring, thank you!

Pat Mastors said...


Stellar job. Great incorporation of Regina's work. You left the audience laughing and thoughtful...which equals "memorable". Thank you for paving a few more feet of the path from "where we are" to TRUE patient-centered care, where there is "no talk about us without us".

I am joining you in your closing chant! (But have to say you're alone with the rapping thing).

e-Patient Dave said...

Thanks, Pat! Coming from a seasoned TV professional (your Blogger profile reminds me of when we met at the IHI Forum), that's great praise.

But - no rap? C'mon, we gotta losen you up. :-)