Friday, July 01, 2011

Artists' residency in northern Iceland

Finishing up my travelogue as I return from the Netherlands and Iceland. An unexpected gem in the little Icelandic town of Skagaströnd is the Nes Artist Residency. It is hard to imagine how a town of 550 people near the Arctic Circle can support such a program, but it has been in place since 2008. Artists of many types come for a month or so and spend time in this quiet place carrying out their crafts.

An example is Naomi Falk, who just finished a month in residence producing both serious and whimsical pieces. Among the latter is the handsome item above! You can read of some of her experiences on her blog, and you can view her artwork here.

Each new group of artists is welcomed by a potluck supper organized by townspeople. Lots of long-lasting relationships emerge, both within the artists' group and with the locals.

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