Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get some patients - Yes, Minister

These are two wonderful clips from the BBC's Yes, Minister television program, of several years back. Perhaps they still have some validity in certain parts of the world.

I am prompted to think so by a quote I saw recently from the CEO of a major hospital system, after major recent expansions of clinical facilities, that his system "is on track to cut cost increases in half in two years." Not costs. Cost increases.

The follow-on line in that same story: "Employers, State House leaders and consumers are anxious to see that reduction translate into lower health insurance premiums." I fear they will be waiting a long time.

If you cannot see the videos, click here.

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Gerson Santillana said...

The economy is down unemployment is high so the hospitals are taking a hit since there are so many uninsured people out there. That healthcare should be lower is true that it will happen soon I dont know. The babyboomers are the ones that are making their mark felt in the hospitals and they will continue to do so.