Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jane creates SuperBetter

One of the neat people I met at #healthfoo:

In the summer of 2009, Social Chocolate's Creative Director, Jane McGonigal, found herself struggling to recover from a severe concussion. Overwhelmed with the process of recovery, she decided to tackle the challenge of healing with the method she knew best – creating and playing games. To help her brain heal, she invented SuperBetter -- and became its first player. Within a few weeks, she was feeling better and recovering faster than she'd ever thought possible.

Read more of the story here. This game is still in testing and development. Keep an eye out for it in future months or, as the site suggests:

We're looking for a handful of great partners help us test SuperBetter in both medical environments (clinics and hospitals) and organizational environments (organizations, schools and communities). Let's join forces! Have another idea for collaborating? Let us know!

Here's how to Contact Us.

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