Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ is open to everybody

Back in July, I wrote about the introduction of Google+, which was only available to people by invitation.  Now, thanks to David Meerman Scott, I learn that it is open to all.

He also reminds us about the +1 button.  "Hey, it this was helpful, why not push that +1 button. If you are reading this on my blog, it right there below this sentence."

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e-Patient Dave said...

Well, no, as far as I can tell, Google+ is still not available to Google's superusers, i.e. the people whose logins are in the Google Apps system.

When I view, as David's post illustrates, there's no Google+ on the menu bar where he illustrates.

I guess "everyone" is like in Animal Farm - "some people are more everyone than others." :-)

And I can barely describe the thrill and honor of being left out of this as a consequence of having dived in to Google Apps completely. Ahem.

At least I exist in the Blogspot world again... (No, wait, that's not working again .. I have to sign with name/URL.)