Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Next chapter in UPMC kidney transplant case

The UPMC kidney transplant story of a person infected by a diseased organ, about which I wrote in July, entered a predictable chapter yesterday with the filing of malpractice lawsuits.  I imagine some will say, "You see, this is why they should not be transparent about the underlying systemic causes of the error."  I would say, "Not so. Without sufficient transparency about the causes, and by simply blaming two clinicians, the chance of something else going wrong in the future is elevated. The lawsuit will rise or fall on its own merits.  It is better to derive something good from the learning opportunity presented by the incident.  But that can only happen when it is openly discussed and evaluated in a wider forum.  Also, you have a moral obligation to inform other transplant centers about the string of events that led to this conclusion."


Anonymous said...

Right on, brother. Perhaps they could have forestalled a lawsuit with complete disclosure and an offered settlement, rather than trying to leave the doctor hanging out to dry in an attempt to save themselves.


Anonymous said...

you're spot on re this one. let's try to l earn something instead of just enriching a few as the result of a grievous error....

a southern California physician