Friday, September 30, 2011

Smile when you say sauce, pardner

Here is another in my occasional series about new food products offered by entrepreneurs here in Boston or elsewhere.  I encountered Diane from the Smiling Sauce Company, where she was displaying her wares and offering samples at the Copley Square farmer's market. 

The neat thing about these sauces is their temporal nature.  Each variety is only available for two or three months, based on the availability of fresh local ingredients. They are meant to be refrigerated.

I tried a few flavors in Copley Square, with my favorite being Kick!, described as "a whimsical and healthy ketchup."  Avoiding high fructose corn syrup, it is sweetened with honey.  I bought three, knowing one wouldn't last long enough.  I was thinking of giving the last to a friend, but am reconsidering, as maybe two won't be enough either.

Look for these folks in the Copley Square and Harvard (MA) farmers markets this fall, as well as several stores in the Concord (MA) area and Zabar's in NYC.

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