Saturday, May 12, 2012

Focused on results and not recognition

Corbin Klett is a recent graduate of Georgia Tech.  He gave this commencement speech, which I highly recommend.  Some excerpts:

We will be the hero generation -- We will reclaim and rebuild institutions; we will rise up with social activism, collective competence, civic engagement, and servant leadership; our main contributions will be revitalizing communities and advancing technology; we may be the next great generation.

Speaking of his classmates, he noted,

What I like about is how they are so focused on results and not on recognition.  They don't so care so much about success as they do significance.  While most people do their work in order to finish it, these people do their work in order to change the world.

Quoting a Georgia Tech coach, he implored:

Give it 100%, every play of the game, because you don't know what the the big plays are until they are over.

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