Saturday, May 05, 2012

UK Health Foundation offers grants

Do you have a smart idea that could benefit from Health Foundation support?
Is there someone in your organisation that could shine at this challenge?

The Health Foundation’s flagship improvement programme, Shine, is opening for a third round of funding applications. We’ve got over £1 million available to support up to 18 innovative healthcare teams. Shine is now open for applications, until Tuesday 17 July 2012. You can find out more at:  

We all want the best health service and we all have ideas about how to improve it, but good ideas only become good practice when there’s an opportunity to develop, test and gather evidence to support them. We’re looking for examples of smart ideas from across the health service that could improve healthcare and the ability to put together an innovative trial to develop and test that idea.

Each year Shine sets a different challenge for the UK health service. The Shine 2012 challenge is to find new approaches to delivering healthcare that aim to achieve one of the following:
·         supporting patients to be active partners in their own care
·         improving patient safety
·         improving quality while reducing costs
·         The Health Foundation will provide investment of up to £75,000 per project over a 15 month period and the resources to test and evaluate your idea. We will also provide the resources to ensure that successful innovations have a platform for national recognition and will promote the most effective innovations to policy makers and NHS leaders.
·         For organizations: Stimulation of ideas and activity amongst clinical and operational staff leading to the development of new healthcare delivery approaches and processes, as opposed to the traditional top-down approaches.
·         For individuals and teams: The opportunity to put your smart ideas into practice, development of your quality improvement, research and implementation skills, and showing that innovative improvements are possible.

If you are interested in Shine:
  • please visit our website to access all relevant documentation including a self-assessment tool to help you discover if your idea has the potential to Shine
  • join our information call at 2-4pm on 21 June 2012 to hear more about the Shine programme and ask questions.
  • apply by 12 noon on Tuesday 17 July 2012.

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