Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Saskatchewan sets out to redesign primary care

I remain exceptionally impressed with the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada.  The government and health care leaders continue to take steps to transform care for the 1 million people in this jurisdiction.

The latest step is to invest $3.6 million in primary health care innovation.   Here are excepts from the press statement:

"Our government is committed to the transformation of primary health care to better meet the needs of the patients, communities and health care providers," Health Minister Don McMorris said. "Our aim is a primary health care system that is sustainable, offers a superior patient experience and ensures better access to services as the foundation of our health system."

The funding announced today will support all Regional Health Authorities to improve access to primary health care providers and services and engage with partners and communities. Funding will also be allocated for designing and implementing innovative models of primary health care delivery in eight sites. 

The framework is a road map to a patient centred, community designed, team delivered approach to primary health care in the province. The framework will help to guide health regions, health providers and communities to work together to design primary health care services most suitable for their area.

The spirit of innovation is strong in this portion of the Canadian prairies and mountains, as is the desire to set an example of transformation for the entire country.  This will be worth watching.

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