Monday, April 01, 2013

Two intriguing summer courses at Tufts Medical School

Lisa Gualtieri, @LisaGualtieri, with the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts Medical School, is again running two great summer courses.  One is online and the other is on campus.  I had a chance to sit it on one of Lisa's classes a couple of years ago.   She is an engaging teacher, and the courses attract a diversity of students.

Here's a description of the two summer courses, with a link leading to more details.

Mobile Health Design examines the impact and potential of mobile devices for consumer health at a national and global level. The focus of the course is on how to design evidence-based health apps that incorporate mobile user experience, predictive analytics, and big data to help people achieve their health goals. The online course runs May 22—June 26, 2013
5th Tufts Summer Institute on Digital Strategies for Health Communication covers how healthcare and public health organizations develop and implement digital strategies to drive the success of their online presence, with a focus on how to use web, social media, and mobile technologies to reach a target audience. The case study is Massachusetts Medical Society. The course is offered July 14-19, 2013 on Tufts' Boston campus.

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