Friday, March 29, 2013

e-Patient Dave does it again

Dave deBronkart, @ePatientDave, and his doctor, Danny Sands, have published a new book, Let Patients Help.  Well, almost.  It is still in its pre-broad distribution mode.  Version 0.91, Dave calls it.

You can (should) order it directly from Createspace, here.  It is very good.


e-Patient Dave said...

Thanks, Paul! You have a gift for getting things posted fast. On the other hand, that's the style of this book, too - quick, lean, worth the read. Less than 100 pages.

The book's web page, with more information, is

Sherry Reynolds - @cascadia said...

Here is the correct link to the book

e-Patient Dave said...

Thanks, Sherry! That's what I get for posting a comment when my body thinks it's 2:30 a.m.

(Paul, I don't think Blogspot allows fixing comments, does it?)

Paul Levy said...

No, Dave. Thanks, Sherry!

Anonymous said...

Just read my copy, and I concur - it is great! Now maybe my garden group will understand what I've been blathering about to them for 3 years (to their bewilderment so far) - plan to buy them a copy!


e-Patient Dave said...

Nonlocal, that's EXACTLY my purpose in writing this - I WANT it to be bite-sized, digestible, so ordinary people can read it without needing a week on the beach.

And I wanted the message to be clear, plain language, sensible. Thanks for saying it got there.