Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mind the Gap -- This time, the real one!

More pertinent, perhaps, and definitely more heartwarming, than my post below.  Reprinted from The Time Out London Blog:

It might be freezing outside but our hearts are warm thanks to the story of the ‘Mind the Gap’ announcer’s widow.

Oswald Lawrence, the man behind the tannoy, recorded the iconic announcement over 40 years ago, however in recent years, Lawrence’s seminal recording has been replaced by updated versions in all stations but one (the Northern Line platforms at Embankment station). Since his death 12 years ago, his widow Dr Margaret McCollum took comfort in hearing his voice on that platform until late last year when his final announcement was replaced. Understandably upset, she wrote a letter to TfL explaining her distress. To her (and our) delight, not only are they reinstating his announcement, they sent Dr McCollum a recorded CD of her husband’s voice so she can listen to him whenever she wants. Awwwwwwww.

This phrase is one of the most imitated by tourists and, well, everyone. Can the original please be reinstated at all stations? We promise we will really mind the gap if Oswald Lawrence tells us to. Jude Brosnan

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