Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Donut heads invade Rhode island!

Thanks to Nancy Thomas for posting this page from the Providence Journal on Facebook.  She explains the back story:

I've been engrossed with a client, Joy Feldman, who is a nutritional consultant and an author.  This week, 75,000 children in RI at over 215 schools and youth programs will hear simultaneous readings of her children's book, "Is Your Hair Made Of Donuts?".

This book's message is "you are what you eat" and seeks to empower our littlest ones to make healthier choices about their food.  Amazingly, if you catch them young they slurp up carrot juice (which Joy does onsite) and really get it!

Joy has done this by single handedly recruiting schools, going through no "systems" to do so - what has happened is extraordinary by any measure....much less a PR one!

75,000 kids.  215+ schools & programs.  8 Mayors wearing a 2 foot tall donut hat reading in their cities/towns.  The Governor reading (though not until the 20th).  The head of the Board of Education reading.  The Director of the RI Department of Health reading.  4 TV news anchors from 2 different stations reading.  The head of Capitol TV (state house) reading.  We have two Fitness/Personal trainers reading.  We even have 2 RI Beauty Queens! 

9 Corporate Sponsors buying books for schools and libraries, healthy snacks, and providing readers. From Blue Cross to United Health to Whole Foods to Sodexo!

And - on Tuesday at the rise of the house and senate Joy will be presented by a legislator wearing her hat while he reads a proclamation and the cities/towns which participated are read off.

I just thought you would appreciate hearing about this as this one woman is on a quest to improve children's nutrition.  Shows what you can do when you step out of the box of the systems.

Her websites are:  www.joyfeldman.com and www.isyourhairmadeofdonuts.com.

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Nancy Thomas said...

Thanks, Paul - it was a wonderful day - mayors and legislators wearing donut and veggy hats....first you get their attention, then you tell them something worth listening to.....it was a powerful day with many teachers having spent the whole week talking about healthy foods and doing arts projects and cooking and recipe contests, etc. We even involved school lunch companies and health insurers....all orchestrated by one woman, acting on a personal mission to impact the health of our children and to empower them as agents of their own bodies....it was a privilege to be part of promoting her efforts.