Saturday, March 09, 2013

Well Mercy me! It's a podcast.

When I was CEO, a hobby of mine was trying out new forms of social media to communicate across the hospital's population.  My friends at Children's Mercy Hospital, who are engaged in an extensive and intensive transformation of their institution, understand that effective communication is a necessity.  They also get the idea that different folks get their information in different ways.  Some like email, some like blogs, and so on.  Your job as a leadership team is to employ a wide variety of modes so that folks can use the ones they like best.

So, I was interested to see the Kansas City hospital team start up a new podcast.  It will be posted weekly and is short and focused.  An excellent tool.

It was inaugurated by this email message:

As part of the new Children's Mercy Employee Discovery Series, Dr. Jason Newland is hosting a weekly 10-minute podcast for employees. His guests will include medical staff members and administrative leaders on important issues impacting the hospital. 

The first podcast, featuring Jason and Karen Cox, RN, PhD, is available by clicking here.

Karen joins Jason to talk about how our staff responded to the recent snow storms. What worked? What could we do better next time? (Time: 10 minutes)

You can listen to the podcast directly from your computer or download it to your phone, tablet or iPad.

Got a question or a topic you’d like to hear about? Just email Jason.


Javed Sheikh said...

Children's Mercy have been using Podcasts to enhance education as well. For the past couple of years, their Allergy/Immunology Department has broadcast their weekly educational lectures for their fellows-in-training on podcast, free of charge, for other training programs in the country to watch. This is starting to encourage other centers to do the same.

Imagine how this could revolutionize medical education. Instead of every institution re-inventing the wheel and having to find internal faculty to give a "live lecture" on each and every topic (the same process duplicated at each center in the country), a number of programs can get together and set up a "co op" of educational sessions, shared by podcasts or even live web meetings. THis could potentially create a number of efficiencies, at the same time overall improving education for all of the centers involved!

-Javed Sheikh

Nancy Wilson said...

Parkland is still searching for an innovative leader....