Saturday, March 02, 2013

Help break open The Wall of Silence

When @PatientAdvocacy, @hhask, @MLMillenson, @dmayer33, and @medstarsafety get together, its like Joshua and the battle of Jericho:  The walls will start tumbling down.

In this case, though, they need a little financial help.  Check out this request on Kickstarter to help document the most comprehensive safety, quality, and transparency cultural shift in a US hospital system:

As the new Vice President of Quality and Safety for MedStar Health, Dr. David Mayer is leading a group of hospitals in the Baltimore/Washington area to change the way healthcare responds to patient harm.

Few have attempted to change the safety culture of an entire hospital system on this scale. This is an historic moment in healthcare to track in real-time the implementation of a new safety framework – and to do it in the backyard of our nation’s capital – with the hopes that the advances made at MedStar will lead to positive change across the nation.

Will you join us in documenting this important effort? 

If you cannot see the video, click here.

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