Monday, May 06, 2013

@EricTopol says, "Show me the data!"

Many of us were excited when it was announced in February that Eric Topol would be the new editor-in-chief at Medscape.  I think big things are in store.  He recently wrote:

Medicine is . . . poised for its biggest shakeup ever as it transforms to a more precise, individualized, and democratized model. My charge at Medscape is to help capture this excitement, the changes and opportunities, along with the challenges and the need for validation. Medscape will be expanding its breadth of coverage in areas that will be rebooting, which include not only diagnostics, imaging, and medical devices but also the operational aspects of office visits, hospitals, and medical informatics.

We intend to take Medscape to the next level, one that embraces the need for change and zooms in on the ways to get there -- the ways to provide better, more efficient care for your patients.

But what really gets me excited about Eric's sense of purpose is this slightly reworked video from Jerry Maguire.

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