Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some kind of service

Best (worst) hotel service story I have heard: My friend Ray is taking a nap in his room in the afternoon and has put up the "do not disturb" sign." The maid had not yet made up the room. Someone from the front desk calls on the room telephone, wakes him up, and asks, "Why do you have the 'do not disturb sign' up?"


Paul Levy said...

Facebook commentaries:

Vicky Lindo Kemish: It's the opposite of evolution. People are getting more stupid every day.

Angie Mohr O'Connor: Unbelievable, but not surprising!

Wendy Langlois Williams: This has me laughing and perplexed... an interesting intersection of feelings...

Sarita Watson Quackenbush: Last time I'd stay in that hotel

Mary Wehmeier: You remember those Customer Service Surveys?

Michael Lasalandra: I recently checked into a hotel fairly late in the evening, wsshed up and got into bed, promplty falling asleep. A few minutes later the phone rang and woke me. It was the manager wanting to know if I had found everything to my liking.

Vicky Lindo Kemish: Further proving my point.

Michael Curran: I had the exact same thing happen at a hotel in Argentina. I chalked it up to being overseas. Having worked in hotels for years, I'd never heard of it before.

Dan Ford: I have had the same thing, housekeeping calling while I am asleep and I had gotten a late checkout: "We saw the sign...just wondered what time you are checking out."

Vicky Lindo Kemish: By jove, it's a new industry standard!

Cyndi Dawkins Casey: Can't cure STUPID.

Ruth Sarah Asher: Well, the only thing worse is that you forget to take the do not disturb sign off the door - you leave for 8-10 hours and come back to an unmade up room - then you have to leave the room for 1-2 hours so they can make it up and all you want to do is rest in the bed!

Theresa Weir: Similar things have happened to us more than once. in general the sense is they are doing you a a FAVOR letting you stay in their hotel

Nancy Thomas said...

I knew someone who worked on the lottery system computers - the nature of the work was midnight to 7am - so he would check into hotels all around the country and "try" to sleep during the day - he would get banging on the door, phone calls, etc. - even if he left word at the desk not to be disturbed....

e-Patient Dave said...

Priceless! What hotel?? They deserve recognition. :)

FB buddy Esther Schindler has proposed a blog for bizzare hotel bathroom things, like shower controls that you simply cannot figure out. I couldn't agree more - remember the one I sent about a sign saying "It may take 10 minutes for hot water to get here"?

I figure might attract some traffic.